Matinée & Miaoux Miaoux – All the Good Fellas


It is a universal truth that song and dance go together. There are few times you see either one apart from the other, and even if you do, it’s usually a tad awkward. Dancing without music causes people to stare, wondering if the person dancing is sane. On the opposing spectrum, people can sing without dancing, but it doesn’t feel the same as the full set. No matter the theme or tempo, there’s just something about the two that makes every day feel like an amazing party, an event that can last forever. This rhythmic pair is how many genres are born, including the famous—or infamous—disco. A number of people claim disco is dead, and even if it is, I believe it continues to influence music even today, such as in the new remix by Matinée and Miaoux Miaoux, “All the Good Fellas.” 

A four-piece indie band in East London, Matinée originated from Italy and named their band after Franz Ferdinand’s song “Matinee.” They have been growing in popularity in London, playing at venues such as the 100 Club and Jubilee, and Chris Geddes from Belle and Sebastian calls their style “anthemic indie rock with electronic flourishes.” However, these four weren’t alone in this single, working with Miaoux Miaoux, or Julian Victor Corrie, who is a songwriter, musician, and producer in Glasgow, Scotland. He created this remix for Matinée, and together, I believe they’ve come up with an amazing beat you can’t help but dance to. 

There is so much going on during this song, and it’s pretty amazing. Throughout the song, a clapping beat keeps the fun moving, enticing listeners to clap along. Instrumentals such as the background guitar, drums, and keyboard create a catchy rhythm while they are enhanced by the unique lyrics. You hear “We all shouldn’t be aware/of what is going on,” and you wonder why they don’t sing the opposite. This is because the song uses its similarities with disco to emphasize the party life. Many things in life take up our time and we should focus on them, but while there’s a time to work, many of us simply wish to put it off, at least until after this song. It’s a great song to help get you out of any slump you’re in. No matter how depressed you may be, how you might try to keep a straight face, it’s impossible to stop yourself from smiling and clapping along. You’ll enjoy every moment of it and you’ll be searching for more from these artists.

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