Matinee – Satellite


London based four-piece, Matinee, released their single Satellite back in October. Luigi Tiberio (vocals, synth and guitar), Alfredo Ioannone (vocals and bass), Giuseppe Cantoli (guitars) and Alessio Palizzi (drums) are the four dudes responsible for The Killers-sounding track. They’re also Italian, if you couldn’t guess.

Satellite has some 80’s kick to it, with a modern twist thanks to the synth and bassline. The vocals sound so much like The Killers that you may find yourself double checking that you’re actually listening to Matinee. The band has managed to use quite a bit of synth without the song sounding over-produced. It somehow still sounds like old school, alt-rock.


If you do some research, you’ll notice that the sound Satellite has is quite different from what the band usually adheres to. Most of their songs are a lot more electronic and poppy. Satellite is more raw and organic. It’s a nice change that shows some promise.

I wouldn’t catch this just by listening, but after looking up the lyrics – they’re a bit incomplete. Maybe it’s a language barrier or maybe it’s just an abstract song. The third verse, “we’ve lost hope and faith tonight. I can’t promise I will stay by your side. Because go, I have to go and I think that is all,” lacks some depth. Luckily, the vocals and backing music is super strong, so the lyrics are more like just a bonus.  


A video was also released to accompany the new single. The video jumps between 80’s and 90’s vibes. It’s made to look like it was brought back to life from a VHS with noisy visuals and black and white scenes. The retro feel is definitely trendy and four-piece does a great job of sticking to that feel with their overall look. I don’t know if it’s just because of the retro-feel the video has, but I feel like I’ve seen this video somewhere else before. It has similarities to a lot of iconic rock videos like Green Day and the Barenaked Ladies.

Satellite is a new sound from what Matinee usually goes for, but I think it’s one that works. The retro feel/Killers vibe is a niche market that Matinee could really excel in if they continue to explore it. It’ll be interesting to see if they stick with this sound in their upcoming album, or if they return to a more electro-pop sound.

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