Matrixx of Domination – One Shot


Alternative rock duos are few and far between these days, especially when the members are sisters. Matrixx of Domination are here to flip the alt-rock genre on its head with their single “One Shot.”

If you’re going to reinvent a genre, there’s no better way than to make something unique to your own sound. Sisters Chie and Crys use a hypnotic bass line and some programming that sounds like it’s out of a sci-fi flick to craft “One Shot.” The duo also employ soul singing over the first verse of the haunting track. The opening of the song has a spacey feel and gives you a sense of weightlessness as you’re carried through to the first chorus.


The second verse takes a slight departure from the atmospheric and spacey tone as soothing and smooth vocals are tagged out in favor for a more rap style delivery. Yet the beat remains the same and the song doesn’t lose steam in this slight transition as you still feel the energy coming from Chie and Crys.

If you’re trying to make a statement about your band (and really yourselves), then releasing a single like “One Shot,” with it’s chilling beat and vocal delivery that pulls a 180 halfway through, is a good start. Matrixx of Domination will be put on the alt-rock map soon enough with this kind of unique sound.

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