Matt El – Your Town and You Plus Me


Indie-rocker Matt El has released a pair of singles so far this year, the poppy anthem of new beginnings with “My Town” and the more romantic duet of “You Plus Me.”

“My Town” tells the story of a man moving from the Midwest to San Francisco to pursue his freedom as well as a woman who “finds herself” in the same city. The song has edgy guitars and bouncy drums coupled with a groovy bass line that make it a fun track to get down to while cruising down the street in your convertible. The whole attitude of making any new city or place one’s own inspires you to seize the day and make your city not only your address, but more like a home, all set to a track that doesn’t have time to slow down, and will make you feel the same.

The other single, “You Plus Me” is the antithesis of “My Town.” Not to say the track is dour or saddening, but it’s more of a piano/acoustic guitar love song, than a song about grabbing the bull by the horns. It is, however, a very sweet song about how to two people can take on the streets and even the galaxy, just so long as they’re together. It’s a very smooth and engrossing song that adds layers of instruments that one might miss on the first or second listen and, above all else, it’s a very sweet love song that is short on sap but not heart.

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