Megosh – Checkerboards & Cigarettes


Take some “Alice in Wonderland” references, guitars that sound like they’re reverberating in a cave and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” jacket and you’ve got the video for Megosh’s new single “Checkerboards & Cigarettes.” 

The video starts with the guys playing Nintendo when they find a map that leads to a treasure in a burned down building where the secretary perished. The high-pitched guitars kick in right as the guys pedal their bikes to the side entrance of the building. 


The rest of the video follows them around as a mysterious red-headed woman stalks them, leaving burnt pieces of a photo. The song’s lyrics describe a macabre scene of doctors hacking patients making references to the Eagles’ “Hotel California” because the patients will never leave this show. These lyrics, in combination with the video’s setting, paint an eerie scene of grime and grit which makes the track feel dingier than the music behind it sounds. The guitar solo features more of the reverb heard on the verses but with a kick of arena-rock to make it transcend the song and bring the macabre into brightness, even for just a few moments. 

“Checkerboards & Cigarettes” ends with a piano playing similar notes as the guitars on the verses but the vocals become like that of the Cheshire Cat trying to lure Alice (the listener) into the fiendish show we’ve been a part of the whole time. It’s a neat way for the song to put a ribbon on everything and the way it ties into the end of the video is excellently paced.

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