Melissa Weinstein

Melissa Weinstein

Melissa Weinstein is an up and coming singer/songwriter with a soft voice to match her sweet appearance. Her catchy songs are written with an upbeat stroke, to leave anyone who listens a little happier. Her lyrics are meaningful, and although she’s young, her talent is palpable.  

She reminds me of a young Sara Bareilles, with a little more pep in her tone. Her songs are chock full of feel good lyrics. Even the ones that are probably meant as an insult to the subject, like “Walk Me to My Car,” have soft, catchy air. It’s pretty funny, too, like when she says, “I’m lonely and it’s dark, so suck it up and walk me to my car,” and we’ve all had those moments when we want to tell people to suck it up. “The Old Days” is perfect if you’re reminiscing or even for a first listen to this new artist.

All of Melissa’s music is fun, fit for any summer drive, study session or writing routine. You won’t be jamming out or dancing crazily to the tempo, but you’ll definitely have it stuck in your head. The lyrics of “Get Over Yourself,” will give you a sudden burst of inspiration to drop that damaging person from your life, and hit the high road to happiness. From her voice to your ears, I have no doubt that after listening to her pleasant music you’ll love it, too. High hopes for Melissa Weinstein.

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