Metric Live


Metric was never on my list of must-see bands. Mostly because I couldn’t understand how they’d compare to their records because there are so many electronic/techno sounding songs. When I heard the band would be headlining a festival in my city, though, I couldn’t refrain from hitting up the waterfront to see just what Emily Haines and her band were all about.

The show started off a little slow, opening up with IOU and Youth Without Youth – two awesome tunes but that didn’t really mesh with the crowd so well. The show turned around, though, when Haines left the stage and returned with a glowing, neon green cape that fluttered around in the wind while she and the band played Cascades. I remember thinking to myself during this song, “This is Metric. This is why so many people have a crush on Emily.”


By the middle of their set, they were really feeling the crowd – and the crowd was really feeling them. Any time Emily starting pounding on her keyboard, the audience responded accordingly. Any time guitarists started the new intro to a new song, the audience went nuts.

When erupting into their well-known hits such as Help I’m Alive and The Shade, there was so much energy – much of which was emulating off of the band’s lead, Emily Haines – that I was actually tired after the show. Haines isn’t just the lead of this band because she’s easy on the eyes. She’s not even the lead because of her killer vocals. She’s the lead because she’s a modern day Stevie Nicks. She connects with the crowd and bops around on stage as if she were born there.


When their closing song, Breathing Underwater, ended, the crowd didn’t waste any time requesting an encore and Metric didn’t waste any time bursting back on stage to absolutely kill Gimme Sympathy. Haines didn’t miss an opportunity throughout the entire show to change from one sparkly outfit to another, returning to the stage in a shoulder-padded, sparkle-fringed blazer. I can’t really think of any outfit that would be better suited to close a show with Gold Guns Girls.

I have to hand it to Metric, I arrived at the show expecting to enjoy a fun rock concert, and left with a massive crush on Emily Haines and a strong desire to scream-sing their songs. Metric didn’t just get on stage and play music for the thousands of fans on the Halifax Waterfront; they got on stage and seriously performed. No, they weren’t flawless and they didn’t sound identical to their records, but sometimes that’s not all you want from a show. You really just want to be entertained. And that’s exactly what I felt for an hour and forty minutes.

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