MILLION – The smallest Creature


Doing anything objectively can be tough for human beings. We will always have underlying opinions about things like politics, pop culture, social media and music – along with just about everything else. Those opinions may accidentally sneak to the surface of any seemingly objective decision or review, but I do my best to prevent that from happening.

I’m opening this review this way because when I listened to The Smallest Creature’s new album Million for the first time, I thought to myself, “Oh no, I’m not super into this, how am I going to review it?” Then I remembered that the best thing about music and creating music is that even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it can still be amazing and enjoyable.


This is how I feel about Million. The album, created by Stefanos Marnerides, Iacovos Stylianides and Stefanos Nicolaou, is a debut rock album that sounds like it could even have some metal/garage punk influences behind it. It’s a rather heavy album with a lot of electric guitar and echoed vocals. Sometimes it even reminds me of those Christian Rock songs that you don’t realize are religious until you really listen to the lyrics.

Kicking off with High Low You, the album lets you know what’s in store for the next hour or so. The opening track is a little grungy but with a quirky sound that makes me think the song would be perfect as a backing track in a movie where the villain is plotting his next move. The vocals are smooth and consistent and I can imagine head-banging to this tune if I ever heard it live.


Reboot, the third track, really threw me through a loop as it’s a little minimalist and mellow. Think Evanescence but more chill. Despite the fact that it sounds like he’s singing through a megaphone for a good chunk of the song, Reboot really does a great job of highlighting the vocals.

There are a couple of other surprising tracks on Million, such as Stay in Bed All Day and Copenhagen, which are a bit lighter and less grungy. They pretty raw and not overproduced, which is always nice to hear. I’d even venture to say that Copenhagen sounds a bit like Arctic Monkeys, just a bit heavier.


Moreon and Coward’s Wish have the same ominous feeling as High Low You, but they have some really catchy hooks and solid beats that I think track 1 may have been lacking. They also have a Radiohead vibe that I think a lot of people will dig. The slightly creepy (I mean this in the best way) sound of a singer’s voice is a sound that intrigues people and often leaves them wanting more. I think the boys have nailed this.

The rest of the album is pretty much exactly what you’d expect – dark, heavy-ish and well done. The smallest Creature (nope, not a typo, the “s” in “smallest” is lowercase…clever bastards) has an interesting sound going for them and I think they could take it to a lot of places. There’s a niche market, in my opinion, for music like this, but that market has some of the most fierce and loyal fans out there. So, as stated before, just because this isn’t my cup of tea, it’s still real good music and I’m confident it will find it’s place on the airwaves soon enough.

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