Mindset Evolution – The Change


Rock music is emotional. We put up this front of being strong and tough to encourage ourselves to actually be strong and tough. However, there are artists who take this idea and make it part of their identities. They take a message and want it to spread like wildfire. “The Change” is Mindset Evolution’s way of doing exactly that.

It seems like every week or so, there’s a bully who hits the news and tops the last bullying story we’ve heard recently. It’s escalating. It gets to be too much. Rock music has become this safe haven for the rejected and forgotten, often dishing out messages letting everyone know that you’re not alone.

Mindset Evolution is a band that has put a video to their song “The Change” to spread an anti-bullying message about “becoming self reliant, and having strength in times of difficulty.” They’ve got some heavy lyrics like, “Pack your broken bones and walk away,” and “You’re the only one that you can change./You’re the only one to blame.” The message is clear. It’s not about apologizing. It’s about actively mending the wrong that’s been done.

The band wants this message to spread, so let’s set it free.

See the video here:

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