There are few things that I love on this earth more than a band with a badass female lead. I mean the kind of chick that you instantly form a girl crush on and are actually kind of afraid of at the same time. MOBIVSTRIP has exactly that. Naama (vocals) and her boys (Dennis – guitar, Segio – guitar, Christian – bass, Chris – drums) come together to create the kind of alt rock/garage punk band that you’d stumble upon in a grungy, smoke-filled bar. It’s pretty easy to imagine Naama, with her messy blonde hair and fierce black eyeliner, absolutely rocking out on stage. 

The Peru formed band has a sound that many will likely compare to the likes of Paramore or Garbage. Maybe even The Donnas, but with less of a “get up and dance” attitude. Their Single Whisper combines electronic sounds with the more traditional riffs that alternative rock is known for, to create four minutes and thirty-one seconds of toe-tapping pleasure.  

Although most of the song has a pretty upbeat, rock tempo, my favourite part is when you can really identify where the title Whisper may have come from.  At about 3:30, Naama’s voice begins to sound haunting and almost intoxicated. It’s actually kind of creepy, but also awesome. There’s something to be said about a song that can have you air-drumming and toe-tapping along with it in the first verse, but creep you out in the next. 

The lyrics paint a picture of someone who’s tortured between deciding between the good and bad, right and wrong of life. Just about everyone on this planet can relate to that feeling, whether it’s in regards to a rollercoaster of a relationship, an addiction or some other internal conflict. The refreshing part, though, is that instead of another slow, whiney ballad, MOBIVSTRIP gives us a tune that we can listen to while stomping around our bedrooms in frustration.

MOBIVSTRIP may have a strange, confusing name, but their first single Whisper is exactly what we want in an alt-rock/punk theme song.

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