Monks of Mellonwah – Afraid To Die EP


Monks of Mellonwah is a band that combines the best parts of several related genres. The Afraid To Die EP is a perfect example of how MOM accomplishes this mix. Lyrically, the band resembles what bands like Pink Floyd were capable of doing with words alone. Instrumentally, we get the epic, emotion filled sounds that would come from a movie soundtrack.

If you’re looking for that energy of cinematic sounds, the best tracks to go for are the single “Afraid To Die” and “Downfall.” These songs feature that energy hyping, classing alt-rock sound. This is particularly the case for “Downfall,” which actually sounds a lot like something you’d expect to hear from Muse. There are powerful string instrumentation and sliding paired with vocal crescendos that never result in a bored listener.

Another impressive aspect about MOM is the writing ability. There are lines that tend to stay with you, so I definitely recommend reading the lyrics while listening. It just adds another dimension. The song “Alive For A Minute” gives us a few words that linger long after the song has ended: Let the sublime dissolve. In “Afraid To Die,” there’s a reminder to get it done, for dreams wait for no one: Hope lies in duty’s waiting call/You better pull your weight.

Head over to the MOM Bandcamp page and give them a listen. It’s definitely worth the time.

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