It seems lately there are a ton of “indie/folk” bands. Someone has figured out the formula that combines the independent & folk genres and it all starts to sound the same. One band that breaks the mold is Motherfolk. They’ve got that upbeat pop-y nature with vocals on the raw side, but they’ve got a blinding honesty – blending the two effortlessly.

Motherfolk had a self-titled album in 2014 that encompassed them as that indie/pop/folk band. The song “Hiccups” is upbeat with a drumbeat that just propelled the song – it goes on and on until you think it can’t keep up anymore, but it just does. The guitars mimic this sound and feeling until there’s a small break in the middle. This small break really shows you who these guys are.

Then, in November 2014, they released the EP “Trying To Kill The Moon.” The first song “The Evil Inside Of Me” shows a raw side of Motherfolk. It’s a step away from the mask of pop music. The lyrics show us how honest they’re willing to be: And oh, the church, look how that’s worked out/But I guess I still call them family /I just sit and fear for the day they’ll leave /When they finally see the evil inside of me.

Listen to Motherfolk below:

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