Motion City Soundtrack – Go

Motion City Soundtrack is one of those bands that I love to hear. The only problem is that I  never remember to play them.  I do the same thing with Weezer so stop throwing rotten tomatoes at your screen.


As I started playing MCS’ “Go,” it really reminded me of Mae – which actually makes sense. They did a tour together with Anberlin and Metro Station back in 2007.

Whenever I think of MCS, I immediately go back to the single “Everything Is Alright” from their 2005 album “Commit This to Memory.” It was a huge hit and all the MCS super-hipsters couldn’t wait to tell you that they liked MCS even before “Everything Is Alright.”

“Go” has that hit sound like “Everything Is Alright,” only not as obvious. Songs like “The Coma Kid” and “Circuits And Wires” are definite sing alongs. Really, that can be said about the whole album and that’s what reminds me of Mae.

If you like Mae’s “The Everglow,” you’ll love MCS’ “Go.” Just take away Mae’s storybook feel and “Go” matches “Everglow.” Add some songs from “Go” to that Mae-like playlist you should have.

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