Music and Family

I was fortunate enough to be raised by music lovers. Between my mom, grandpa and great aunt, all kinds of music were forced into my ear canal – all kinds of music that I still love.

 Mom Doesn’t Want to Hear “We Will Rock You”

First, we’ll start out with what I learned from my mom. I don’t really remember my dad listening to music much. If anything was on the radio, it was talk radio or some sporting event. If some music was playing, it was my mom’s doing, so I’ll credit this to her.

What comes to mind first is Queen. I remember Queen’s Greatest Hits playing a lot. (Specifically, it was the ’92 release of the album). I played wore out “We Will Rock You,” so I’m pretty sure my parents will be content to never hear it again.

I also remember hearing a lot of KISS. Because I had the habit of playing anything on repeat, I also wore out “Rock and Roll All Nite.”

Next is Elton John – excuse me – SIR Elton John. My mom played a lot of Elton John, but I was particularly excited to hear “Crocodile Rock” every time. It’s also one of the songs I probably wore out, but never heard about because no one gets tired of Elton John.

You shut your mouth when Elton John is playing.

There are lots of others that I can’t even name anymore it’s been so long since I’ve heard them last. There are certain Christmas CDs that my mom plays every single Christmas… Wait, there was the It’s Christmastime album by Kathie Lee Gifford of which I was very fond…

Of course, there are all of the movies I saw. I wasn’t allowed to watch Titanic, but I played that cassette tape repeatedly. I particularly liked to play it when I was going to sleep.

Then there were the Disney movies. I’m sure my mom and dad hope they never have to watch The Little Mermaid or The Lion King ever again. I would just put in the VHS, sit in the floor with my Beauty and the Beast comforter and quote the movies as they were playing. I still like to re-watch Lion King.

I know for a fact that my mom will never, ever, for any reason want to watch Good Burger again. I really over played that one.

Paw-Paw Under the Big Top

Every time I think of my grandpa, I always remember the smell of coffee and motor oil paired with the fact that music was always playing. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ house growing up, so most of my childhood memories lie there. Paw-paw always had something playing. I remember a lot of big band music and a lot of circus music. He was in the choir at church, so anytime there was a music special, he had that CD playing on repeat, too. If those weren’t playing, he would just turn on the Weather Channel.

Smooth sounds brought to you by Local On The 8s.

When he died, several of us talked about how awesome it would be to play circus music at the funeral. That didn’t happen, but I still kinda wish it did. I think he would have given us one of his infamous ginormous grins.

Elsie and Elvis

My great aunt shared something very special with me – The King. I spent a lot of time growing up at her house as well. There were sometimes when she would pick me up from school and on the way to Elsie’s apartment, we’d listen to what the radio called “the oldies.” We listened to a lot of music from the ’50s, but nothing topped hearing Elvis. It didn’t matter which song as long as it was Elvis.

I’m sure there are lots of others that I’m forgetting. If my mom sees this, she’ll slap me and say, “WHAT ABOUT – ? HOW DID YOU FORGET – ?!”

I made a short playlist with the stuff in this post. If you have Spotify, check out my “Nostalgia Strikes Back” playlist:

If you don’t have Spotify, get it! Or if you just want to see what’s on the list:

Nostalgia Strikes Back

What about you? What kinds of musical influences did you have?

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2 Responses to “Music and Family”

  1. […] my last post, I mentioned my uncanny ability to wear out songs for everyone around me. Unfortunately for anyone […]

  2. Sally Toddy, Mom says:

    Well, here I sit with tears pouring from my eyes! Such sweet memories! I would give anything to hear you playing all of your playlist or quoting entire movies, especially Winnie the Pooh or yes, even Good Burger! How could you forget Abba! You would sit in your car seat and hum Dancing Queen, before you could talk! When you were a tiny baby, I would sit down to rock you. If for some reason I was not singing to you, you would hum when you were just weeks old! I promise i heard you humming once BEFORE you were born, but I’m told that’s physically impossible! When you were 3 years old you began singing along to entire musicals we were singing at church! Your talent started at a very young age! I am so proud of you!

    As for your writing talent. You have come a long way from writing “bad mom” on a church envelope because I told you we weren’t going to McDonald’s! You were only 4 when you wrote that! I am so proud that you have developed the talent of expressing your thoughts in written form! Love you!

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