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According to the band’s bio, “Naked Walrus is a creative vision developed around the premise of being comfortable in your own skin.” The group’s music appears to validate such a principle. The collective vibe is positive and no dissatisfied or morose feelings come across upon first listening.

This Los Angeles quartet is preparing to drop a six-track EP in November titled Simple. It begins with the steady beat of the bass drum in Now. This song is powerful enough to keep you rocking, yet crisp and clean enough to delight the average FM radio fan. The strong vocal harmonies in the chorus make quite a first impression, indicating that these guys have years of experience in singing.

Photo: Daniel Iannaccone (A Study In Black Photography)

Photo: Daniel Iannaccone (A Study In Black Photography)

The debut single, Minus, is an excellent song to have in your playlist on a bad day. “Lost in the melody, we live in harmony tasting the minor notes of a last sad song,” lead vocalist Dakota Gartner croons. The only time the track shows a slight bit of gloom is during the bridge, when the pace breaks down and the guitar plays a haunting melody. Gartner talked about the song’s meaning in entertainment publication Substream Magazine:

“Minus is a song about overcoming your fears and understanding that good things take time. When we were writing this song I centered it around the idea of me talking with my niece and trying to give her guidance as she entered her life journey. The lyrics throughout address the struggle of overcoming an obstacle and making the decision to trust your gut and do what you feel is right.”


The album’s sound remains consistent in its entirety. However, the piano in the last track, Light, adds a dark and ominous feel to the record’s otherwise sunny disposition. This is a refreshing change and it allows this song to stand out among the rest.

Depending on your preferences you may find Simple to be a little too positive in its nature. This is a rollercoaster that only goes up and that can cause things to seem stale after a while. While I respect a group that promotes positivity among rockers that constantly whine about pain in their songs, I also believe it’s ok to express doubt every now and then. Music is all about emotions, but Simple doesn’t really take the listener from one emotion to the next.

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