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To some people, 2016 was a bit of a shitshow. A lot of disappointing things happened in the world and it’s unfortunate that those are the things we’ll most likely remember. 2017 is only a couple of weeks in, but we’ve already made up for lost time. Bands that haven’t dropped new music in up to 4 years are dropping new singles and albums. And that’s exciting!

Here’s a look at some of 2017’s new and most anticipated releases.

Japandroids – No Known Drink or Drug

Sticking to the typical Japandroids sound, the single has even more of the pumping percussion and head-bang-worthy guitar riffs that fans have grown to expect and love. It’s an unexpected love song that’ll have you dancing to the music before you even realize how moving the lyrics are.

Japandroids’ new album, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, is out January 27th.

Hollerado – Born Yesterday

How appropriate that we move from Japandroids into another Canadian rock crew, Hollerado. Born Yesterday is much more rock than Hollerado’s previous stuff, which is more pop/indie. The single is the first thing we’ve heard from the band in quite a while, so this single is exactly what fans need. It’s upbeat and has a cool sense of urgency to it. There’s no official date set for when their next album will be released, but hopefully we get a couple more singles to hold us over until then.

USS – Us

I promise this entire playlist isn’t all Canadian bands. (But if it was, that would not be a bad thing!) USS is a Canadian duo that has a totally unique sound. They combine electro-pop with hip-hop beats and modern rock guitar to create something that’s all their own. Their new single, Us, is the first of two songs from their upcoming album, New World Alphabet. Us has everything USS songs are meant to have – a beat that shouldn’t work but somehow does, a climaxing chorus and thoughtful lyrics.

New World Alphabet is due out January 13th.

The Flaming Lips – We a Family

2017 is already an unreal year because it’s bringing us new Flaming Lips tunes! The single We a Family, is reportedly the last song on the setlist and of course features their main girl Miley Cyrus. It’s kind of a sad song, with lyrics like “Oh and I just can’t imagine life without you could ever happen now!! It’s you and me..we a family…” It’s not strange to hear heartfelt lyrics from Wayne Coyne, but something about this tune hits a little harder. It’ll be interesting to see what the theme of the new album is.

Oczy Mlody was released on January 13th. 

The Shins – The Fear

The Fear is the third single from The Shins’ upcoming album, Heartworms. After not hearing anything new from the New Mexico based band since 2012, I think I would’ve been happy to hear just about anything from them. There’s some accordion, strings and some real folky vibes that make this song so lovable. Singer, James Mercer, told NME that he believes the upcoming album has some of his best lyrics. If we’re judging by The Fear I’d say he’s right. “I know I’ve run out of love, this fear is a terrible drug. If I only had sense enough to let it give away to love,” is just a taste of what we can look forward to in March.

Heartworms is due out March 10th.

London Grammar – Rooting for You

Since their debut album in 2013, London Grammar haven’t seemed ready to drop anything else until recently. The British trio has released the single Rooting for You to tease fans a little bit. The song starts with Hannah Reid’s classical voice bellowing acapella style before the boys introduce some strings and piano into the mix. The ballad is ethereal and delicate despite the fact that Reid’s voice is one of the most powerful in the industry today. It’ll give you goosebumps that will last until their next album is released…which is hopefully soon.

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