No Doubt at Lakewood

Atlanta, GA experienced the glory of No Doubt at Lakewood Amphitheater. Jerod and I were there to bask in the wonder. Since I am broke (and will continue to be broke until I find an actual job), we had the cheap lawn seats. BUT Lakewood was very kind to hoist up huge screens for everyone in the back to see the band. I must say, even though we were so far back, the experience was awesome (one might even call it uncanny) and the world could have been ending for all I cared. Gwen Stefani even gave a little shout out to those of us in the lawn and dedicated a song just for us! How sweet.

Apparently, everyone and their brother was at the show because Jerod and I were in the car for about two hours on the drive there. Because of this, we missed The Sounds and most of Paramore, but what we did see of Paramore was great. Jerod noted that they were actually playing, which gave them high marks on his list. I think a lot of the attendees were actually there to see Paramore. My opinion was that the kids wanted to see Paramore and the moms wanted to see No Doubt. Maybe.

Anyway, the energy in both of the performances we saw was strong enough to fill two and a half Earths. I was standing on a hill at an incline for the amount of time it took for No Doubt to do their entire set. My feet were killing me, I was outdoors (NOT my natural habitat, I will have you know), the bathroom line was TOO LONG, I missed the first few seconds of “Spiderwebs” (No Doubt’s opener; personal favorite) and I couldn’t wear the what-would-have-been-Stefani-approved outfit I put together. But honestly, as soon as I saw them rocking around on stage in all of the aforementioned glory, none of it mattered. Because I got to witness one of the greatest bands of all time (with my favorite person of all time!) so nothing else really matters. At all.

If anyone happens to read this and attended the show in any city, I’d like to hear (well, read I guess) your thoughts! Comment!

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