Of Clocks and Clouds – Another Life

Photo: Mats Bakken

Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio are two Brooklyn dudes that make up the electro-rock duo, Of Clocks and Clouds. The Black Keys and TV on the Radio sounding duo is planning to release their full-length, self-produced album this summer; their second piece of work following the 2014 release of their self-titled EP.

The first single released from the upcoming album is Another Life, a song that the boys say is the first of a few break up songs that will make up the full-length album. While the song is pretty upbeat, the theme is about loss. Both Joe and Ross had been going through a breakup while writing and so the result was a song about the way our lives change when someone important is no longer in your life. I mean, we’ve all been through a breakup before. Whether it was the end of a romantic relationship or a friendship, everyone is familiar with the feeling of not being able to call that person whenever you want. Or not seeing them every day anymore. These are exactly the feelings OCAC is channeling in Another Life.

The sound of Another Life reminds me so much of a band from my home town, The Town Heroes, who are also a rock-duo. Some of the tracks from their first EP are slightly reminiscent of Radiohead and The Black Keys, but Another Life stands out a bit more. There’s less synth and the sound is more raw, unlike their hits What You Need and Burn a Hole in the Sky.

It’s the first single from their upcoming record Better Off, so who knows if they’re going to stay on this path, but Another Life definitely shows a different side of OCAC. The raw, simple and stripped down sound is a surprising change, but one that’s welcomed.

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