Official Burnt Toast – Money as Debt and Hi Time

Official Burnt Toast

Rap is already considered to be poetry set to music, but Londoners Official Burnt Toast take that idea to a simpler form with their spoken word songs. 

The group’s singles, “Money as Debt” and “Hi Time” are excellent examples of how their sound differs from more traditional rap.  “Money as Debt” has vocalist Adrian Lawrence talking about the shortcomings of money in the today’s society, referencing his overdrafted bank account and a house mortgage he can’t pay. It’s a groovy tune with high pitched keyboards and a bass line that weaves throughout the song to make a track that’s full of progression.  

“Hi Time” has piano samples on it that sound like they could be from Nas’s debut “Illmatic.” The drums on this track are a lot more vivacious than on “Money as Debt.” The beat is a boom-bap fused with crash cymbals that serve as a real zinger. This song sounds more like rap-poetry rather than the spoken word style found on “Money is Debt.” Both songs still bare Official Burnt Toast’s style and sound, but “Hi Time” feels more like a song than poetry. 

Official Burnt Toast’s fusion of jazz, hip-hop and spoken word is a unique listen and one that transcends more genres than one might think. Don’t let the spoken word label fool you; this is poetry with a bite and not the kind you’d find in a coffee shop, unless you like your coffee Irish.

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