Oh My Heart


Oh My Heart could be the face of current pop-punk. The band lists Paramore, Alkaline Trio and The Strokes as major influences, which is exactly what you find in Oh My Heart.

Lead singer Jamie Piazza has a very buoyant, atmospheric voice that is still strong to start. In the latest Oh My Heart EP, Piazza’s voice in the song “In The Night” could pass as steadfast as Evanescence‘s Amy Lee. Airy, but never anemic, Piazza’s voice is firmly supported by the backing of drummer Noel Agtane and bassist Forbes Zamora. With deep, swift moving bass lines and drums full of intent, the band as a whole holds down the fort, giving them an edgier sound.

Like most bands in their genre, the band sticks with lyrics that are calling for help. The song “Trapped” says, I’m trapped here/Come save me/ I just can’t/I can’t get out. This is the pop-punk staple (right there next to the “screw you after all” love songs) that those genre seekers will find feels just like home.

So, that’s what the Oh My Heart EP is for those of us who remember the pop-punk glory days: home.

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