Pop, rock and funk all have their individual  claims to fame. Pop has the catchy hooks, rock gives you the edge that pure pop is often missing and funk just makes you want to move. What happens when you combine all three? You get songs that you can sing along to with a little edge and dance to your heart’s desire. Basically, what you get is a band called Olio.

What you get from Oilo is nothing short of fast-paced rock with soul. Songs like “Boom” and “Get A Room” definitely have those catchy lines that pop fans are seeking. However, don’t get stopped there. These guys definitely play a rock show. You’ll also get those fast and loud guitar riffs that take the stage. In songs like “Show Goes On,” you have that classic shredding guitar solo, but be sure you listen to the guitar in the rest of the song, too. It takes a step back to the vocals, but it’s definitely worth giving that second, third and fourth listen.

Though musically the band is totally sound, there’s something to say about the attitude behind their music. When you listen to these guys, it just sounds like they’re having fun. Instead of listening to some sad blues when you’re in a mood, listen to these guys. It could work wonders for your own attitude.

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