Oogee Wawa

Oogee Wawa

Everyone loves a good party. The room is filled with friends talking and laughing. Tabletops are covered with every food imaginable. Maybe a few fireworks are shot off. If the host is prepared and people come, it’s likely to be a blast. However, to hold a successful party, you need loud, invigorating music that will fulfill the host’s one requirement: “to keep the party going all night long.” To complete this mission, there’s no better band than Oogee Wawa.

A blend of reggae, hip-hop, pop, rap, and punk rock, Oogee Wawa started their growth in Long Island, and this growth isn’t showing any signs of stopping. Their tracks energize listeners at the core. It’s the kind of music you simply can’t feel any other emotion besides happiness. No anger, sadness, or fear—only ecstasy created by the band’s incredible vocals and instrumentals.

Meanwhile, there’s something sensual about the way they write their songs. In “Pretty,” there’s a line where MC Jesse Lee describes himself as “just a boy in this world looking for his Topanga.” This reference to Boy Meets World causes both nostalgia and empathy, as everyone can understand the seemingly-eternal quest for love. As well, “Spliffs,” constantly increases hunger in listeners as it continues to discuss a plethora of food. With the senses found in these songs, you should consider adding Oogee Wawa to your event’s playlist.

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