Oranj Son – Psycho Disco Face

Oranj Son

What do you get when you mix the psychedelic sounds of a post-modern British band and the soundtracks to our favorite ‘80s movies? That would be the Liverpool born band, Oranj Son. This four piece band, who describes themselves as “psych punk,” is making music that will one day be called our generation’s “classics.” This alternative English ensemble is comprised of Matthew Linford (keyboard), Kieran Linford (guitar/vocals), Brad Welch (bass), and Lew Yii (drums) who have been bringing new life to music, especially with their new single. 

Oranj Son’s new single, “Psycho Disco Face,” is pretty much what I assumed living in the ‘80s felt like. With a range of instruments, the upbeat yet soft compilation of sounds reminds me of generation before me comprised of what we consider “classics.” The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future – they are classics with original songs we know and love. In times of constant remakes, Oranj Son takes the undertones and feel of the classics we love and twists them into their own unique style.  

As Kieran Linford says, “Music is about to get interesting again.” 

Although the range of lyrics are slim to none in their new single, focusing mainly on the repetition of the chorus “Psycho Disco Face,” it has a quirky, upbeat feel that’s more than enjoyable. It’s not a melancholy mashup or a headbanging alternative number, but “Psycho Disco Face” is great for pretty much everyone.

Oranj Son is not a remake of our favorites, like most things are now. They’re a blast from the past in a creatively 21st century kind of way, and even with their psychedelic hint, they would fit in perfectly in the past. I only wish I lived in England to see them in person.

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