Orbit Monkey


Using the word “radio” in any description of a band should be used cautiously. It tends to draw up ideas of mediocrity or being generic. This is especially true of people who dissect rock music. However, there are the bands that have made this less of  a stigma. They’ve made us realize that commercial sounding songs aren’t necessarily so commercial after all and that being widely likable shouldn’t be a bad thing. Orbit Monkey is one of these bands.

Orbit Monkey is an amalgamation of all the radio ready pop-rock artists in the best way possible. If you take Kings of Leon, Lighthouse and The Fray, mixed up all their top radio hits and recorded it, you would get something by Orbit Monkey.

Songs like “Summer in the City” and “On Fire” have that radio favorite upbeat positivity. However, then they throw out songs like “Born to Be Kings.” This one is slower and sweeter, but still finds its place in the discography of a pop-rock band.

When you listen to Orbit Monkey, be sure to pay attention. There are multiple moving parts to these songs. Sure, you can hear the guitars and drums that might do something cool here and there. There are moving parts in the background, working as precisely as clockwork. You’ll hear a little synth or maybe some strings, too.

Check out the video for “On Fire” below:

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  1. Shelley Kreidel says:

    Absolutely awesome. Loved every second of it.

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