Pacific – What Are You Waiting For?


I absolutely adore music driven by piano and keyboard. Sure, I love guitars and drum solos, but there’s something about a pianist that can turn a great song into a work of brilliance. The piano’s magic has been used for years, creating reverence for classical artists such as Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart, and even today, you can find amazing talent such as the band Pacific leading their new EP “What Are You Waiting For?” with it. 

Pacific is a quartet based in Cheshire, made up of vocalist and pianist Anthony Orzel, his brother Daniel on bass and backing vocals, Dave Bithell also singing the backing vocals while playing lead guitar, and percussionist Drew Burns. These guys include so much in their songs, making it difficult to place them in a single genre. You get Pop, Rock, Alternative, and Indie. However, those are just the genre titles. When Pacific mixes them together, they forge lyrics so catchy and rhythm so melodious and upbeat, it’s addicting.  The EP itself is around fifteen minutes, but I listened to it for five hours, playing each song over and over. I couldn’t stop humming and tapping my feet to the beat. Actually, I’m pretty sure I played air piano at some point. Their tracks are that incredible. 

The EP contains four songs: “Time to Forget,” “Catch Her If You Can,” “Run Away Boy,” and “Those Nights.” All four are spectacular, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be “Those Nights.” This one is particularly piano-driven, though not as upbeat as the others. The narrator reminisces over nights with someone we can assume to be a lover. Even as he remembers, though, he tells the lover to move on. They thought their time together would last forever, but now, it is over and they have to continue on in life. The lyrics are incredible, such as when Anthony sings in the chorus, “Those nights/We said they would never end/Maybe sleep/But if we did, we pretend.” What I really love about it is the theme. In life, we find ourselves meeting different people—friends, enemies, lovers. However, life is limited, as is our time with those people. No one likes to think about it, but eventually, there may be a time where our best friends leave our lives forever. We may never see them again, but that’s okay. You still have the memories and you can carry them into the new experiences waiting for you. Perhaps listening to this EP is an experience I’ll get to carry around. I encourage you all to make it your next one.

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