Parlour Tricks – (what i think about when i think about) BODIES


Earlier in October, the band Parlour Tricks announced that they were calling it quits. Though not quite a household name just yet, the band had picked up some steam over the last couple of years – especially on the New York music scene. Their gritty yet romantic sound is a nice break from some of the more lusty sounds coming from many female artists lately. The break up was definitely a surprise to fans since their debut album was just released in 2015, but with life taking over for many of the bandmates, Parlour Tricks seems to be speeding up the inevitable.

The Haim-esque band isn’t leaving without a goodbye kiss though. Their final EP, featuring six emotionally saturated tracks, is way better than any gift I’ve ever received after a breakup. The “(what i think about when i think about) BODIES” EP is solid front to back, with pockets of bright and cheery tracks, complimented with dark, haunting sounds.


The opening track, Leave Your Light On, has an upbeat tempo with quick percussion and gorgeous harmony. I like to describe this song as a “hopeful breakup” song – “It all went wrong when I left home, but baby leave your light on. Fall back in bed and start again.”  It’s a reassuring message to their fans, like they’re saying, “Don’t worry, we still love you; it’s not you, it’s us.”

I mentioned that the band was “Haim-esque” and I say that mostly because of the second track, Need Somebody. It immediately reminded me of Haim – one of my biggest girl crushes of all time. Like Haim, Parlour Tricks nails the funky-pop sound and they owe a lot of that to the bass and keyboard in their music. Need Somebody is also a pretty upbeat tune, so it’s exciting when the intro to Belle Gunness kicks in. The intro is eerie and the vocals are beautiful. It’s an extremely sultry song that I promise will put you in “the mood.”

The EP is absolutely killer and it really just makes me sad that these guys aren’t going to continue making music together. Parlour Tricks has one of those unique sounds that I really think could’ve carried them far in the music industry, but maybe it’s best that they didn’t build that kind of success. Maybe if they had, we wouldn’t have this flawless farewell EP.

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