Partisan – Two Lovers


Love songs are nothing new in any genre, some may say that every song is a love song or every song’s meaning boils down to love. British rockers, Partisan, may not have a love song with their latest track “Two Lovers,” but they certainly don’t hit you over the head with anything about the concept either.
“Two Lovers” isn’t sappy, it isn’t about heartache, at its core it’s a song about two people spending time together. Drummer Rob Jones lays down a beat during the verses that keeps the song driving and thumping mingled with vocalist and guitarist Stuart Armstrong’s grungy voice and plucky strings that give the song a feeling of air.

The chorus on the track features Dan Albon’s bass coming in full force with Jones and Armstrong to provide the listener with a crashing chorus and that contrasts well with the softer verses à la“Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nirvana.

Overall “Two Lovers” may not reinvent the wheel when it comes to love songs, but it doesn’t have to. It stands on its own two legs as a song about two people in love, spending a day together before it all comes crashing down and at the end of the day, it’s all that matters.

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