Pet Clinic – Sick Witch


Is bedtime not the best time? That seems to be the case for the guys in Pet Clinic.

My initial reaction to hearing Pet Clinic was that this is yet another U.K. ensemble inspired by the garage rock groups from decades prior. However, as the saying goes, assuming makes an ass out of you and me.


These Pittsburgh boys have done well in capturing the aforementioned sound and the new single Sick Witch is no exception. This track drops from the album No Face, released this past May according to Bandcamp. The album cover art appears to be a man suffering from Leprosy. After seeing it, I must say that the record is worth checking out even if it’s only to catch a glimpse of the sickening imagery on the front sleeve.

The song is quite lo-fi; a dialed-down fuzz bleeds through the guitars. Hearing them brings ‘80s punk to mind. The vocal vibe is less contemporary as well.  They sound as though they’re sung from behind the other instruments, giving the impression that the song was tracked with much more primitive recording equipment. “Cause I’m a witch and I’m on fire and I can’t control my brain,” the vocalist shrieks highly in the chorus.


A video for Sick Witch recently surfaced as well. It centers on the daily routine of a man dealing with a sleep-related illness. He deals with hallucinations and close to end of the video he imagines himself being attacked by demons as he lies in bed. A band member explained the video in an interview with the entertainment site

“I’ve had a collection of 3-foot-high creatures hold a séance around me. Our drummer, Kenny, has experienced a dark humanoid ready to pounce from the shadows. In Louisiana they call it ‘witch riding’ because the ‘witch’ climbs onto your chest and rides you all night and you wake up exhausted. In Japan they call it the ‘night hag,’” says keyboardist John Henderson.

For anyone having bad dreams or just generally feeling miserable during the bedtime hours, crank up the volume. Sick Witch is a tune to help get you through a long night.

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