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Peur Future Architects

I have never seen an album title so ironic, yet make so much sense, until I listened to Peur’s “Future Architects.” I didn’t realize it at first, but after I listened through the EP several times, after I read through each track’s name, I concluded Peur is a trio of musical geniuses. 

Peur is an alternative rock group from Manchester with Joe Lomax on guitar and vocals, Ryan Greenhalgh on bass, and Sam Tempest on percussion. The band started in 2013, when they released “Anarchy” and “We Can Build Astronauts,” their first single and EP. “Future Architects” was released earlier this year, on June 1, which includes five different tracks. 

It opens with an introduction, which contains a unique set of sounds I have determined to be the band warming up their instruments. The best way to describe it is the sounds of an orchestra warming up, while the listener is several feet below them. This is not something you normally hear in music, which makes you want to listen and figure out what’s going on. What will this band sound like? They start satiating this curiosity in the next track, “They Have Destroyed Everything,” one of my favorites because they show all their instrumental talent. I love how Peur slowly transitions towards their full instrumentals and vocals over time, making this EP feel more like a single piece with several acts. 

Finally, at track three, we get vocals. The track is called “Explosions,” and throughout the song, you can’t help imagining every guitar strum and cymbal crash as its own detonation. The vocals are amazing from the beginning, opening with “Spend your nights alone/With just your thoughts/For company.” Lomax sounds like he’s distressed, as if he feels the loneliness expressed in the lyrics, using a sort of echo at the end of each line. The other tracks, “It Ends Before It Starts” and “Hollow Skies” have some interesting sounds and lyrics as well, the latter beginning with a sound reminiscent of a helicopter flying overhead, but “Explosions” works well as the first song with vocals. It makes you think the vocals are suddenly erupting to life. 

So where does the genius of both irony and sense come in? The EP’s title, “Future Architects” makes you think the album is constructing the future, possibly making it into a brighter and better place, but track names like “Explosions,” “It Ends Before It Starts,” and “Hollow Skies” create thoughts of destruction and emptiness. It seems like an apocalyptic future is being built, and that’s where the irony also makes sense. I love it when bands make their listeners think about the theme of their album, based on the songs’ content and the names they chose. This search always makes it worth listening to albums and EPs, and Peur does this job extremely well. Each week, I recommend the band I listened to and wrote about, but this is an immediate recommendation. Don’t wait. Check out these guys right now!

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I have been playing PEUR on my show since the first day they were introduced to me. EXPLOSIONS & HOLLOW SKIES have gotten the most amount of airtime. I look forward to hearing what they come up with next that can possibly top this album FUTURE ARCHITECTS.

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