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Piqued Jacks

Piqued Jacks has added to the amazing culture we get to experience. The polychromatic funk/alt-rock band released their latest album “Aerial Roots,” comprised of all acoustic tracks. At first listen you’d think they were originally from the US, based on their sound, but their roots come from much farther away. Honestly, you’d never know the band of brothers were from Italy. Their music resembles American alternative rock style, vastly unlike the Italian tunes I was used to when I lived in Italy.

The titles don’t match the song at first glance, but as you listen you can see how each tune relates to the name of the album. “Aerial Roots” is a far away look at the stories that came before us – our roots.

“Romantic Soldier”  is a heartfelt fight song that is by far my favorite. The song starts with, “My ancestors told me, don’t bury your creed. I never knew them, but they’ve always been here,” and from the soul crushing lyrics, you feel a deep disturbance when you realize that this story is everyone’s – including the ancestors you never knew.

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I was reminded of the stories that came before me as I listened to this album, something we don’t often think of past a generation or two.

“Home is Forever” is another of my favorites on the album, filling me with a sense of nostalgia, from the beginning – “Don’t ever forget your roots” – to the end – “I’m not gone.”

The acoustic songs on the album give you more of an intimate feel. You feel like you’re sitting next to them in a low lit bar or chilling at Bonnaroo, instead of listening to an album.

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“Moooody” and “Reign of Clouds” are faster paced songs on the album, while “Only a Bridge” has a far more Italian feel to it in the beginning.

This entire album by Piqued Jacks is an ode to the people who came before us and how their stories affect ours, even if we don’t know it yet. The soft listen is great for anywhere and are now another on my favorites playlist.

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