Piqued Jacks – Climb Like Ivy Does


Sometimes when you hear the first EP or LP by an artist, it’s more like a feeble attempt at a teaser. There’s an attempt to build hype and excitement, but it comes across messy and a little under cooked. How can you expect me to want 14 songs when you can barely pin down six? Well, the exact opposite of that is in Piqued Jacks’ LP “Climb Like Ivy Does.” Right out of the gate, these guys throw down their all and really make you want the ninth, tenth, eleventh and so on songs to play next. This is going to be your next favorite new rock album.

Piqued Jacks’ careful ears are best tested in the LP’s title track. Keys begin to furiously propel the movement of the song, then a wailing guitar with distorted transitions breaks in followed by a rather symphonic part played by strings. The song is full and busy and you begin to wonder how the hell vocals are going to come across – so they never do. While it seems like artists often look to vocals as the icing of the cake, these guys know that may not be the case. The vocals aren’t needed which leaves you wondering how a voice could compare to the almost polyphonic sound that was just expertly executed.

Then it comes across in “Romantic Soldier.” We begin with chanting that is immediately kicked into overdrive with a powerful guitar riff. In the background, we hear an almost psychedelic/funk effect, but this immediately takes a backseat to gentle but firm vocals that quickly show their strength. The short screams of the chorus are broken by the smooth lightness of the verses. All the while, the chanting continues barely present in the back. Though it sounds like a general “oh” is being sung, we’re thinking it sounds like “more” because that’s what we’re ready for.

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