Polaris Rose – Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies

Polaris Rose

Polaris Rose brings you the latest in their long line of epic feel-good tracks with their album “Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies.” This upbeat, sort-of indie album gives you the high of freedom you so desperately crave.

According to the press release for this magnificent album. “Peter Anthony and Madelynn Elyse allow themselves to be swallowed by their work, creating tirelessly to build a cohesive track-by-track sound that brings listeners on a high flying, intergalactic journey.”

Ummm, yeah.

Intergalactic journey? Check!

What I want to know is why more people don’t know about this duo.

“Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies” is an album you can listen to to beat the blues, for a stay at home day or driving down the coast under the summer sun. It has a psychedelic feel, crafted to guide you on an adventure of enjoyment and self-discovery.

Polaris Rose

“Sodajerk” has a faint hint of the 50s’ sound, coupled with a techno and rock undertone.  The song elicits an indescribable desire to grab your girls and jam out. The song has snippets of a recording thrown in from what sounds like an old commercial about “what most american women prefer” giving it an authentic connection between the last century and this one.

“The Great Western Highway” is a sweet reflection coupled with soft melodies. That song followed by “Slipstream” – which is a gorgeous story of parting ways – pulls the listener so far into the story they don’t know if they’re only listening to it or a part of it.

Polaris Rose

Every song tells an individual story, and the album is a separate story itself.

As a writer, I often search for the perfect playlists to write to and this is the epitome of a pot of gold. I never quite understood how an album could have songs that tell a story cohesively, and usually I’m left feeling disappointed when I hear that of an album that doesn’t live up to it. I think I finally found the album that sparks my inner storyteller, self-discovery journey and travel bug all in one. This album does what any epic story does – leaves you questioning, uncertain of your future, and aching for more.

This album is the perfect companion for summer trips, adventures to another country across the world or just a day to yourself. All nine tracks of “Ocean Blue, Velvet Skies” are going to be on my summer playlist.

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