PONCÉ – Moving To Los Angeles


Twin brothers Carson and Michael Poncé from Nashville are super busy right now. Not only are they busy being an adorable twin-bro, indie-rock band, they’re also busy releasing tight singles and touring the U.S. to play them for fans.

Moving To Los Angeles was released late last month and it’s one of three songs that the band anticipates including on their upcoming EP. The track opens with guitar and vocals that sound so similar to some of my favourite local (to me) musicians. I’m instantly reminded of Nova Scotia’s Matt Mays and Adam Baldwin. Those names may not be well known in Nashville where the Poncé brothers come from, but they’re Canadian royalty so it’s a compliment, trust me. There’s also quite a large dose of Tom Petty influence here, too, which is always a good thing.


As the single hits the midway mark, the tempo picks up a bit and the vocals become more intense. The song goes from being enjoyable to actually fun to listen to. The lyrics and melody are simple but catchy, making this a perfect earworm.

The chorus is sweet, with love song-like lyrics such as, “I don’t know if my heart can handle this, my baby’s moving to Los Angeles.” But the real lyrical recognition belongs to the verse after the keyboard solo at about 2:52. The song gets serious and dark, and leads us into more complex lyrics. I can’t help but love the idea of two twin brothers sitting down and hashing out lovely lyrics like, “…every surface echos of your love left behind.” The song continues with a Springsteen-esque segue into a more upbeat tempo with some chanting vocals and electric guitar.


Moving To Los Angeles is an easy-to-like track featuring strong vocals and keyboard to add a bit of flare. The lyrics are charming, like I imagine the boys of Poncé are. Their EP is sure to turn some casual listeners into fans when it’s released this spring.  

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