Psychocide – Alcohol and Bad Decisions


It’s spontaneous yet subdued. It’s thematic and filled with meaning. At the same time, it’s outwardly more humorous than literal. It’s artistically multi-faceted and in bulk is the end result of a lot of partying. It’s Psychocide’s music.

Psychocide is a self-described “group of people rejected from the circus who decided to make music.” According to the official website, the band formed in NYC in 2012 and (for reasons unknown) ended up in San Diego for a stint. The guys eventually headed north with their sights set on L.A. But, a poor sense of direction landed them in Montreal where they are still located today.

The debut album, Alcohol and Bad Decisions was released March 3rd. Each song represents part of a story that, if plans prevail, will be strung together in comic book form. The comic will entail a series of characters encountered during parties.  A look at the album art confirms that the comic is in development.  


Some of the past singles include punk and pop infusions such as Paranoia and more bluesy tracks like Crazy Janet.

One of the most recent singles, Temporary Friends, is written about drunken behavior. “The booze, the booze, the fuckin’ booze. Oh, I love the abuse, got nothing to lose,” the vocalist croons.  The dynamics drop after the intro to match the softness in his voice during the verse. This is perhaps the catchiest section in the song. The transition between the intro and verse is also the point in which the direction changes from rock to pop. I also detect a bit of funk, particularly in the bass line starting at about 1:30.  The bassist has an undeniable admiration for Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers as further evidence reveals that Flea is listed as an influence on Psychocide’s Facebook profile.

This is an all-around unusual brand of power pop that appeals to the audience on multiple levels. If the music doesn’t draw people in, other aspects such as the art, storylines, and oddity included in the package may do so. Perhaps the novelty alone will draw fans that discover a new love of music in the process.


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