#PWYM Module 2


With recognition added to our tool belts, Module 2 helped us continue to build that skill along with adding a little practice in structure. Here we not only continued analyzing sound, but we also figured out how sound is put together and what that is called. I also like to call this section “I Can’t Count.”

It’s a lot of talk of time signature, measures, and beats per minute with verse, chorus, bridge and the like. So, in order to get all of this in out of our heads and in front of our eyes, the wonderful instructors with #PWYM offered this graph template, which I filled out for my jam:

This is what a song looks like.

Here’s what this really made me realize: Counting the measures in a section of a song makes the actual divisions blend together. While a chorus may start with the guitar in one measure, the vox may bleed over. Instead of making a huge cluster of noise, this adds a little artistry and feeling to a song. So, while you may not be able to count the time at the slowing down of the outro, it still feels like an appropriate part of the song.

As we are continuing with analyzing the parts of a song, I think building up this particular skill over time is what will really be the main factor in learning how to mix. Hearing how things blend together (even if you can’t count the time signature) is what turns a song into art.

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