Qualia – Triptych

Qualia - Triptych

“Qualia,” in Philosophy, refers to the internal and subjective component of sense perceptions, arising from stimulation of the senses by phenomena. How appropriate for a band that is so incredibly stimulating that you don’t know whether to dance, air drum or just jump up and down when you listen to them. 

The indie/electronic band, formed by songwriter/producer Michael Hazani, hails from Seattle and can be seen on stage as a solo show (with just Hazani) or in band formation. The sound produced though, whether by , is incredibly innovative and refreshing. The new EP, Triptych, promises more of the exciting and imaginative sounds that Qualia gave us in their debut album. 

Reminiscent of CHVRCHES and some newer sounds from Metric, the instrumental/synthesized sounds included in the three track EP are almost indescribable. Video game-esque sound FX, xylophones and quick percussion make the first tune, Presque Vu, a super fun and upbeat introduction. I can only imagine the type of summertime anthem this could have been had it been released in June rather than September. The lyrics are romantic and innocent, “do you remember how they made us dance,” and at only two minutes and thirty-eight seconds it leaves you wanting so much more.  

Guillotine shifts the album in a whole new direction. It’s much more organic, masculine and incredibly moving. It truly belongs in an intense scene of a dramatic indie movie – imagine the protagonist trying to pick up all the pieces of their life after a tragic occurrence with the lyrics “it’s a new war, it’s a new day,” vibing in the background. Beautiful, right? 

The quick EP wraps up with Tell Me a Story, which is almost a mixture of the two types of songs Qualia seem to gravitate towards most – organic ballad and imaginative anthems. There’s definitely more of an emphasis on the vocals in this one more so than the other two where the instruments are the stars.  

Even though it only has three songs, Triptych, manages to take listeners on a journey that touches on multiple emotions and senses. It leaves you begging for more of the romantic and imaginative lyrics and sounds of Qualia. Hopefully a request that’ll be answered sooner than later.

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