R. Missing – Unsummering


There’s really not a lot out there about R. Missing, a band who lists their band members as “She Missing” and “He Missing” on their Facebook page. All I can really say is that they apparently want to fight you.

The mysterious electronic/indie duo just released an EP titled Unsummering. I tried to determine what that word could mean, but that wasn’t easy to come across either. The EP has six tracks each equally saturated with synth and echoed female vocals. If you’re looking for a comparison here, I can’t really give you one. R. Missing is like nothing I’ve ever really come across before. The sound is uniquely their own. If I had to compare how I feel listening to them, I’d compare it to Lana Del Rey. LDR and R. Missing have similarities in the way they both manage to create a kind of melancholic, psychedelic sound.


The first time I heard Lana Del Rey was pretty similar to the first time I heard R. Missing. I was slightly confused, but weirdly intrigued. It’s the type of music you have to listen to a few times before you really get it or appreciate it. I’ll be totally honest in saying I listened to Unsummering half a dozen times before I started to actually enjoy it. At first, all six songs just flowed together to create 25 minutes of synth, keyboard and me scratching my head. But eventually, I started to really dig the eerie vocals and dream pop sound.  

Track one is the title track and it sets the tone for the listener. It’s filled with distant, almost underwater-sounding vocals and dreamy sounds that are oddly soothing. The song doesn’t really have any build-up or a change in tempo, but somehow that doesn’t make it feel incomplete. The next two tracks sound just a little too similar to me. Kelly Has A Philistine and Deeper Holes start off with almost identical percussion and synth and continue that way throughout their entirety.


Mostly Black is the fifth track and it has a bit more dimension. It’s more interesting and has a few changes in tempo throughout to surprise the listener. The lyrics are most noticeable in this tune with some pretty cryptic lyrics such as, “Spreading rumours that the night is always on it’s knees.”

I’m still not entirely sure of who R. Missing is but they seemed to find their niche sound in something electro/dream pop. Their new EP is worth a listen, but it requires some commitment to really appreciate.  

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