Radio Dial – Word Painter


Sometimes you just need a power ballad to get through something. If you’re searching for some new Stone Temple Pilots-esque rock, then look no further.  You need loud, angry, aggressive and in your face music, and that is what we get in Radio Dial’s album Word Painter.

This is an album that is packed full with heavy rock anthems. Songs like “Dealing With It” and “Bitter Days” are the evidence of musicians who know how to sell this hard rock. Both songs (though not just limited to those two) have distorted driving guitars with fast and aggressive lyrics. However, those are still lyrics you can sing along to as you will probably have these pieces stuck in your head for a while.

The best parts of this album come from the guitar solos. “Lakeside” in particular has a guitar solo that just sticks on you. These solos are the perfect balance of someone who knows their instrument, but isn’t trying to just take ten seconds to show off to everyone. They’re carefully placed and make sense in the song structurally. There’s no shredding that isn’t absolutely necessary. The general idea of the song isn’t completely lost once a guitarist gets his moment.

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