Radio Drive – “A Taste of Heaven”


Kevin Gullickson is not new to the music biz. As a member of the now disbanded Radio Drive, Gullickson has taken Radio Drive as the name for his solo career – an indie/softer alt-rock sound. Radio Drive is not what it was, but it is headed in the right direction. Radio Drive’s newest song “A Taste of Heaven” is an anthem for this change and what is to come.

Listening to prior Radio Drive songs, there’s a different feel that’s mostly because of the production. Previous songs like “Footsteps” and “Borders” are similar in writing and lyrical style, but they sound raw, which is not necessarily a negative thing. “Footsteps” is a comforting love ballad that’s not painfully slow, but isn’t rushed, either. “Borders” is a different type of love song. It’s the need to get out and be better motif with lines like Let your imagination take you far away/Beyond the borders only you define.

Well, now Gullickson has brought that same artistic and classic love song to “A Taste of Heaven.” It’s about the first time he meets his love in New York City during an idyllic time in life. The difference here is that the song sounds a bit more produced than songs in the past. There are more layers to this song, allowing the music to take a life of its own. A complete story is built around this song and it’s not just in the lyrics. You can hear the love, the heartbeat and the life that lead to this song being created. “A Taste of Heaven” is the anthem for turning over a new leaf.

Give Radio Drive a listen here.

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