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Radio Drive

The world cannot survive without innovation. Progress must be made in any situation, including music. The music industry is much different today than it was years ago, thanks to said progress. Without moving forward, nothing new can be accomplished and life would be dull. We cannot go backward. However, there are times when the past can inspire greatness, such as “Humanity,” a new song from Radio Drive. 

The point of “Humanity” was to “remind people that deep down, we are all the same.” In 2011, this song’s previous incarnation could be found on the band’s CD, “I Can See The World From Here,” but four years later, famous producer Stuart Epps—a man who has worked with artists like Elton John and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin—found this song and contacted Kevin Gullickson of Radio Drive. Together, the two revamped and reinvigorated this amazing song, transforming it into the masterpiece it is today. 

As for the inspiration, it comes from the line “all you need is love,” which was originally the title of one of the Beatles’ most renowned songs. When I listened to this song, I immediately felt a vibe similar to the band from Liverpool. Everything—the beat, the vocals, the theme—made me reminisce. 

Even so, what makes “Humanity” stand apart from the past is Radio Drive’s approach, mainly to the lyrics. In “All You Need Is Love,” the message of empathy “Humanity” was written for is only implied, but Radio Drive strives to make it clear. The song starts by describing the bad parts in life, such as loneliness, but then brings the listeners’ spirits back up, saying “We’re all part of society/One nation tribe, one family/Open your eyes and you’ll see/This thing we call Humanity.” The song offers hope, encouraging unity and friendship, asking for action with every verb used. Even if “all we need is love,” it means nothing if we don’t take action and give love to others. The Beatles gave inspiration, but Radio Drive has definitely made progress. 

So remember the Beatles and their message, but also try to look towards the future. One day, another band might craft a new masterpiece, inspired by “Humanity.” Wouldn’t you like to recognize the connections made between the two? Move forward.

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