Richard Tyler Epperson – Hourglass


I love hard rock, pop/rock, pop/punk – just about anything that’s fast and loud. However, you don’t always need the soundtrack to inspire the argument you’re definitely winning in your head. Sometimes, you need a break. Thankfully, there is Richard Tyler Epperson and his album Hourglass is the soundtrack to your Sunday morning.

Epperson’s way with words is as if everything were sugar coated. It’s exactly what you need to hear, but in a gentle way, as if he knew you would run and hide if these words were presented in any other way. Lyrics in the song “Rain” Now time flows out the window as the light bulbs start to flicker/We could stop to see everything that we need can be right here. The song also has a soft piano riff that imitates water drops. This isn’t the depressing rain, this is the renewal property of rain.

Instrument wise, you’re going to hear a lot of acoustic guitar and piano. Songs like “Lights” have a more mechanical sound. There’s some electronica paired with strings and distorted vocals. This is the edgier side of Epperson before he goes back to the softer, comforting sounds that are surely synonymous with his name now.

Quiet, dark assurance is what Hourglass personifies. Like “Rain,” the album as a whole is a slow dance – it’s mellow and delicate, but never upsetting or sad. You’re actually resetting and this is the soundtrack for it.

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