Robert Hunter – Afterglow


I was only introduced to Robert Hunter’s unique country/alt-rock sound a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve already developed a connection to his music. The American singer-songwriter has released two EPs so far – Outta My Mind and Afterglow. As much as the first of the two was filled with tight sounds and romantic lyrics, Afterglow is the real winner for me.

It’s easy to develop a connection with Hunter’s music. He writes songs that sound like they could be part of a romantic comedy, but still somehow relate to the everyday listeners. Songs like Gone for Good and Ditto Baby show not only how versatile his voice is, but also convey emotions that we’ve all felt before – like heartbreak, desperation and confusion.


Hunter dedicated this EP to a friend who battled cancer – another reason I find myself coming back to this artist almost daily since the first time I heard his music. I, like just about everyone, have lost people very dear to me to cancer, and just knowing that this musician is dealing with something similar makes the lyrics of his songs sound so much more meaningful.

I can’t live without your love, I might be gone when you wake up, and if that’s ok…say ditto baby,”  are a couple of lines from the chorus of the romantic yet heart-wrenching song Ditto Baby. Hunter is not only a singer-songwriter, he’s a poet, and it shows numerous times throughout this EP. He’s not a poet in the traditional sense of the word though – writing verses that are difficult to understand/decipher. He’s a people’s poet. He writes beautiful words that almost anyone can relate to in some way or another.


I would say that Afterglow has more of a country vibe than an alt-rock vibe. I think he does the heart-broken cowboy better than the emotional alt-rocker so I hope he continues on that path. The song Cable is especially true for the above statement. The acoustic guitar and catchy chorus of this song make it the perfect around-the-campfire tune. It’s light and fresh and simple.

I love that Hunter used his EP to further develop and discover his sound. I think he took it in the right direction, writing music and lyrics from the heart. Afterglow is five simple tracks of emotionally saturated songs that you’ll want to listen to when you’re happy, sad or just want to treat your ears to something lovely.

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