Robert Hunter – Outta My Mind


Robert Hunter is a Nashville based singer-songwriter and poet. The singer is due to release a new album, Afterglow, on February 24th. If you don’t know a whole lot about Hunter, I’d suggest giving his current stuff a listen to prep yourself for the upcoming release. His EP Outta My Mind does a great job of introducing listeners to the artist.

His official website describes Hunter’s sound as radio-friendly alt rock. While that’s not a bad description, I think there’s a touch of country in his songs as well. Actually, country was the first genre I hear when I pressed play on the first track of Outta My Mind. It has that very familiar country guitar and percussion that seems to fit into any Toby Keith or Kenny Chesney song. The difference though, is Hunter’s voice. It lends itself well to the alt-rock genre as it is a bit more raspy and raw.


Throwing listeners through a loop with songs like Wasted and Sober and On The Road, Hunter seems to have a Goo Goo Dolls/Matchbox Twenty vibe as well. Those two songs mentioned above remind me of the type of tracks that are put as the backing music for a good romantic movie. Like Iris in City of Angels.

As expected – I mean, the guy is also a poet – the lyrics are smart and strong. My favourites come from the track Carbon. Lines like “Please don’t leave, just tell me that you love me and I promise I’ll believe you,” and “Please don’t go, ‘cause I need someone to hold me. She said baby you don’t know me, ‘cause I’m not like you. I’m just passing through,” fill your ears and they’re so lovely that you forget that this song is kind of sad.


Afterglow will be released on the 24th of this month. The album almost didn’t get released though, as Hunter’s best friend became ill with cancer while it was developing. Afterglow is entirely dedicated to his friend and the fight against cancer, so I can only imagine the kind of emotional lyrics and sounds that packed into the tracks on this one. I’m so excited to hear it, even if it makes me sob.

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