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Sam GO Gringo

What can I say about Sam GO? He’s definitely an interesting guy. He describes himself as a prematurely, cynical asshole, but his music couldn’t be anything further from that. It’s upbeat and fun and has some really fun beats that are easy to bounce around to.  

Male Friends is the second song on his EP, Gringo, and has so much synth and so many sound effects that you don’t know whether you’re listening to an album or playing a video game. It’s a fun song with kind of foolish lyrics – “I got a pack of cigarettes I’m gonna share in the park,” for example. If Metric and Matt & Kim had a baby and that baby wrote a song, that song would be Male Friends.  

A couple of songs on the EP have sort of mini explanations within the title. Population 1, the fourth track, has “a hormonal, beguiled Sam GO steps into a pathology of masochism and self-sabotage” following the title. A bit dramatic, Sam. This track is interesting because it features a new side of Sam GO’s vocals that we don’t hear very often. He talk-sings, loops his voice and talks to the audience. Combine that with a lot of drums and a soft chorus and you have a pretty fun song about Sam GO’s generation and how he feels about it.  

The next track, Upright Mammals, is definitely my favourite on Gringo. It’s the purely pop song on the EP and reminds me of Bear Mountain a little bit with the smooth vocals and the subtle synth. It’s also one of the few times that Sam GO lets his guard down a little. It’s as if he’s no longer trying to be that cynical asshole with the intense lyrics and sarcastic sound. It’s just a pure, well written pop song.  

I’d like to sit down and chat with the Portland based Sam GO because I have no doubt that he has some crazy ideas and opinions to share. The few he shares in his songs is a bold move for someone as young as him, but he pulls it off quite well by mixing in his upbeat tempos and energetic synth and drums. Gringo is an eight track look into this young man’s sarcastic soul and I look forward to what part of Sam GO we get to see next.

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  1. Hey, Lindsey. I’m Sam GO. Read your review, and I appreciated your honesty. If you’d like to do an interview, I’d gladly oblige.

    – Sam

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