Sam Louis

Photo: AJ Astle Photography

Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Sam Louis has had a passion for music for basically his entire life. At 12 years old he began singing and developed a love for pop music – writing songs and performing at events around his hometown. Not only is Sam passionate about music, but he is also trained to understand it. Having attended Humber College, he has a Contemporary music degree, ensuring that he is trained in jazz, classical and contemporary sound.

Sam has toured with some very well-known Canadian artists, such as The Arkells, The Sheepdogs and April Wine. When I first heard his music, I thought that having him open for these rock-pop bands seems like such a strange fit. However, the more I listened to his music, the more I understood the vibe he would create for a crowd about to see a show. Although incredibly pop-sounding, his music shows serious technique and skill, and would without a doubt create some hype in an audience.

His new track, Crave U, isn’t necessarily my kind of music, but there’s no denying the mass-appeal qualities it has. It has a very upbeat/club vibe and is incredibly danceable. This track has almost a boy-band sound, which is pretty impressive considering it’s just him making music.

Photo: AJ Astle Photography

Photo: AJ Astle Photography

Not of Sam’s music is bass heavy, EDM sounding, though. His track Echo, is more mellow and slowed down. I love how organic the background beats are in this song. I think if you took the synth out it would be a great folk-pop song. His vocals are pretty flawless. I sometimes think of Justin Timberlake when I listen to Sam and that’s just about as big a compliment there is.

I know that his music would get a crowd so excited, so I had to find some sort of video of him performing. While this was no easy feat, I did find a couple of clips of him doing his thing on stage and he has even more energy than his songs convey. His song On Fire, is a bit more up my alley. It’s less poppy and has some guitar and percussion backing his vocals. Like his other tunes, the final track I listened to, Run, is upbeat and fun and makes you want to dance.

Lots of people talk about the types of experiences they have when at an EDM or house music show and Sam is a great example of those experiences. His songs have the power to transport you somewhere else. Some have a tropical vibe and you can really imagine being at a disco in Cuba. While others sound more like something you’d hear while you’re losing yourself at a rave. It’s a real talent to be able to transport your listeners somewhere else while listening to your music, and Sam has that talent.

As I stated above, there’s no lack of technique or skill when it comes to Sam Louis’ music. That being said, I’d love to hear him create something more raw. His vocals are so clear and smooth that I think he’d really shine in a ballad or acoustic song. Don’t get me wrong though, his dance/pop music has a lot to offer. And honestly, anything that makes me want to get out of my chair and dance is a win in my books.

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