Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan

If I had to pick the most powerful instrument in the world, it would be the human voice. Guitars and drums are great, but a person’s voice has so much more potential. It has such a wide range and it is different for every person. It can cause tears, smiles, and laughter. But even if another instrument could cause those emotions, the human voice has been around much longer. When man was created, so was his voice, and it has remained ever since. No other instrument can work without it or the voice’s owner.

There are so many beautiful voices out there, but I think I found one a bit better. Born in Long Island, New York, pop singer Sarah Khan graduated from NYU in 2003, releasing her first EP known as “Seven.” Since then, she has performed all throughout the Big Apple, at places like the Bitter End. While performing there during the New York Singer-Songwriter Sessions, she was named Artist of the Month two months straight. She also had two of her songs featured on a Women of Substance Radio and Podcast show called “What’s on my iPod?” Good Times Magazine called her “a hot act to look for,” so it’s easy to see she must have some talented. But does she deserve the praise she’s gotten?

The answer is yes.

Sarah had a lot of musical influences as a child, such as Kelly Clarkson, Radiohead, and even Mozart. However, I believe she has surpassed her influences. She has such as an incredibly entrancing singing ability. The moment I first heard her song, “It’s Not Enough,” my eyes widened and I froze in place. I couldn’t believe it, but Sarah had my full attention. On one part, I would have to say her lyrics intrigued me. “It’s Not Enough” starts with these lines: “I, I always thought that you would be the one for me/And I, I never thought that you would walk away from me.” Just from these lyrics, we can already tell this song is about the narrator realizing that her attempts to change her lying lover’s ways were futile. She thought they would be together forever, but in the end, he left her. Break-up songs are not uncommon, but when you pair these lines with her sweet, mesmerizing singing, you can’t help but smile every minute of the track. This is a great ability to have as a pop singer, but Sarah is able to portray her intense passion for music through her singing. Every word she sings feels genuine and it makes you want to be by her side, if only to see if she sings just as beautifully in real life.

I listened to four other songs of hers, but I think the one that really caught my attention was “Answers.” One great thing about this song is that we get to hear Sarah’s talent with the piano. The song opens up with her playing, which is almost as powerful as her voice itself. Then, she begins to sing, “You’ll find the answers inside/That’s what a wise man told me/I said good-bye to all the habits, the bad and the good/You’ll find the answers inside.” Many of her songs have her singing in light tones while this one felt much rawer, yet more compelling than the others. Instead of simply using some passion, she seems to empower this track with her entire being. She cares about this song’s story and she is willing to give her all so you care as well. And funnily enough, it’s not a surprise when you do. You’re not quite sure why you care, but you’re willing to look for the answers in this song. Whether this effect was intentional or not, this song continues to amaze me every time I listen to it.

Sarah is one of those artists who have multiple stores of talent that outclass all the others, including artists that top the charts. But for some strange reason, so many people have yet to recognize this talent. Success is tough to achieve, especially in the music industry. However, if there’s anyone who deserves more attention, it’s Sarah Khan. Please check out her Facebook page at Also, stay tuned—this won’t be the last you hear of Miss Khan.

Note: A previous version of this story stated that Sarah Khan graduated in 2008. It has been corrected to 2003.

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