Shake Shake Go – We Are Now

Shake Shake Go

Composed of Poppy Jones, Marc Le Goff, Kilian Saubusse, Virgile Rozand, and Toby Barnett, Shake Shake Go is an indie folk band based out of London. I’ve said dozens of times how obsessed I am with with UK based musicians and bands. I’ve just never been disappointed with music that has come from our friends from across the pond, and Shake Shake Go is no exception. 

Melancholic, lackadaisical and laid back are a few words often used to describe this band’s sound, but they’re definitely not the only appropriate adjectives. You could also describe them as whimsical, inspired and just down right lovely. Their new EP, We Are Now, embodies all of these descriptions and more in just a few songs. 

The title track opens with some simple acoustic guitar and Poppy’s vocals, which are adorably laced with pieces of her Wales accent. At about a minute in, the rhythmic percussion that Shake Shake Go has become known for kicks in and the track becomes intoxicatingly energetic. We Are Now has the kind of lyrics that everyone needs to hear when they’re in their mid-twenties trying to figure out how to be a real person – “We are now, look where we are, a house and a car, just how it should be. We are now, look what we’ve done, we’ve gone so far by only havin’ fun.” Really makes you take a step back for a minute and stop worrying about everything. 

All in Time appropriately follows with some whimsical “oohs” and “ahhs” and lyrics encouraging you to “go out to the great unknown and let the wind take you back home.” My favourite part of the song chimes in at about 1:30, when the instruments die down and we can focus on Poppy’s poetic voice before the melody picks up again. 

The third song, There’s Nothing Better, is a beautiful and mellow three minutes and forty one. It has layered vocals, soft percussion and a delicate wind instrument making the track almost lullaby-like. Remember when I said the band’s sound was “down right lovely?” This is why. 

The final track is an acoustic version of the song that propelled Shake Shake Go into popularity and sent them on tour with the like of James Blunt. English Skies is a stunning song that can stand up to being stripped down for an acoustic session. 

Shake Shake Go has produced another EP that fans can listen and sing along to with ease. The band definitely has a very distinct sound, and many of the songs share similarities (soft percussion, acoustic vibes and rhythmic vocals). However, this doesn’t make the albums boring, it makes them flow with lyrics so lovely and vocals so sweet that you’ll fall in love with them on the spot.

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