Shane Henry – Save Me


Get ready for some serious Gary Clark Jr. vibes, folks. Shane Henry, a singer-songwriter and badass guitarist from Minneapolis, is quickly gaining popularity with his new single Save Me. The single is a bluesy, passionate and super impressive. It’s the kind of song that makes you want to close your eyes and feel the music, which is exactly what I did.

Henry grew up listening to huge influencers like The Beatles, Hendrix and Stevie Wonder, thanks to his music-loving father. By the time he was 12, he had solidified his love for music after attending two unbelievable concerts with his dad – Tom Petty and B.B. King. He believes it was those experiences that made him want to create music with the same type of authenticity and soulful sounds.


It’s impossible not to feel the soul he refers to when you listen to this new song. Henry absolutely shreds the guitar and his voice is sultry and bellowing. It’s unlike his earlier work, which sounds more like country or folk. The same passion is there, but it’s more intense, polished and honestly, much more entertaining.

If you’re familiar with any of his earlier work, like Love Anyway and Soul Shadows, you might agree that there was something missing. I can’t pin-point exactly what that something was, but it was like his work wasn’t fulfilling or satisfying. Whatever it was though, he found it and jammed it into Save Me.


And people are noticing the change. He’s doing quite a bit of touring and the hype around his upcoming album is steadily growing. Henry is really beginning to prove himself as a truly great blues artist. I hope that the success of this single continues to climb and it encourages Henry to stick to what he’s good at – bluesy, passionate tunes with some seriously killer guitar riffs. If the other ten tracks from his upcoming album, Light in the Dark, are even half as good as this single, our ears and souls are in for a treat.

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