She & Him – Volume II

I finally listened to She & Him‘s “Volume Two”. Generally, I like it.

They sound old to me. (No, Zooey Deschanel does not sound like a ninety year-old.) The sound quality reminds me of old recordings. (Think like Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash before the remastered versions.) I like that about them and I’m glad they kept that same quality for “Volume Two”.

The songs aren’t as sing-along friendly as the songs on “Volume One,” but they are still really good. (I mean, REALLY good.) The writing is still wonderful and She sounds great in the last song “If You Can’t Sleep”. (It’s my favorite on the album.)

To me, Deschanel’s speaking voice is just as great as her singing voice. It’s very warm and inviting. I’ve loved her ever since I first saw her in Elf.

Listen to the album when you get a chance. If you loved “Volume One,” then you’ll at least like “Volume Two”.

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