Have you ever met someone whose personality you just can’t figure out? Let’s say you have a close friend who you feel like you know completely. Then, he or she reveals some hidden talent or alternate personality, changing your viewpoint of the person you thought you knew so well. It’s new, but that doesn’t mean you can’t remain friends. This revelation simply enhances your relationship, bringing you both closer than before. This is what it feels like when you listen to SHEL’s music.

A pop and folk band from Fort Collins, Colorado, SHEL is made up of the four Holbrook sisters—Sarah, Hannah, Eva, and Liza—and these girls definitely have some range in their music. They play a variety of instruments, such as guitar, accordion, and djembe. Liza even does beat boxing. They have so much talent and their songs have appeared in Splenda commercials and ABC Family’s The Fosters. They also worked with Gareth Dunlop on a song called “Hold On,” which appeared in the album for “The Best of Me,” a 2014 Nicholas Sparks film. These girls are moving up fast in the music world. 

When I listened to SHEL’s tracks, it was hard to place their theme or a genre type. In “Paint My Life,” there was a slow, steady beat that caused me to move along to lyrics such as “Paint my life, with color and light/No more lies, love me or let me say goodbye.” However, “Freckles” had a faster pace, bringing a country setting to mind with the fiddle and banjo used. The lyrics added to this effect, with lines like “A smile like an apple pie/Set your straw hat on my head and walk on by/It’s just another perfect day/Until she shows up with pretty shoes and you both skip away.” They even give listeners a seafaring scenario with “Lost at Sea,” expertly using the violin heard in many other pirate-like songs. It isn’t easy to figure out their music’s personality. 

Although, their variety isn’t bad at all—it actually enhances their music. They experiment so much, yet they are incredible in whatever style they play. Because you can never tell what their sound will be like, you’ll have to find all their songs and give each a good listen. It’s the only way you can fully experience their amazing and varied styles.

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